More Than A Songwriter

Songwriters provide a backdrop for living and help shape the church and culture.  With this influence we have an even greater responsibility to steward the talents we’re given by God for a purpose!   Where we may miss it is, understanding who we are and what we’re called to in the first place.  Instead of leading the way we’re often following the paths of others proven successes.  And what writer doesn’t want success?   But we are indeed supposed to be leading. 

To know where we need to go we must know from where we come.   If we believe what we say we do about the hope and glory of our God through faith in Christ, then we have to first accept and acknowledge that the call is to Him and His bidding.  In the days of Chivalry Knights rode and fought in the name of their king.  They carried his permission, authority, power, and backing.  Our King, the King of Kings has clearly commissioned us to carry this hope filled, good news gospel to the dying world we live in, with Love as the underlying motivation and attitude of heart.   We are living modern day priests, servants, and examples-endowed with the Spirit of Almighty God.  We’re not simply looking to replicate movements of the past or camp out on history, we are moving towards an end.  Our King will return and again has forewarned us to watch and wait, all the while being prepared for His coming.   

“Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.”  (Matt: 13:52)  

As Christian Writers we have; a mandate to live, a story to tell, a role to play, a responsibility to steward, and a future to look forward to and prepare for!   Our context is the community of believers of which we are a part, each serving a distinctively different purpose according to the gifts and talents we have.  But the Call is not to hold up away from the world in seclusion as creative hermits.  We are to be very much involved and present within it- just not of it!  We don’t worship its way, we don’t do life its way; we don’t copy – we create!   Resident within us is the beauty of the One True God who made the earth and stars and the same power that raised Him from the grave.  We have a new song to sing!

We also have a choice to aim for targets that are of human design or to fulfill a divine destiny we were made for.   For many gifted people this is a huge challenge as their dreams are in contrast to what they’re called to do and often win out over God’s plan A.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with our works and expressions being promulgated to places of renown or importance.  What matters is WHO does the promulgating or promoting.  Chasing success at any cost will surely cost more than we ever imagined.  History proves God can make us famous in an instant if He decides to, also that He can take it all away as fast is it comes.   We want to be found being about His business; “faithful in the little,” which is the fastest track to being ready for success His way.   

The first question we have to answer rightly is; who’s glory are we doing it for?  Laying down our burdens and dreams at the Cross of Jesus is daunting because it usually requires having our fingers pried off of things dearest to our hearts.   I’ve always loved the analogy of a wild horse being bridled.  Once tamed and harnessed, all of its innate strength and power is at the control and direction of the skilled rider.  In our case God is the most merciful Master we could ever hope to be fully surrendered to.  Once harnessed, our talents, our gifts, our entire being; are now in the hands of the Supreme Archer.  He can and will fire at will-all of the arrows in the quiverthat are able to be fired.

Where do you want to be?  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do?  There’s freedom yet immense responsibility with the Lord.  We can ask what we will but we must ask in His name.  We can go wherever but He directs the steps ultimately.  We do anything but not all things are profitable and worthy in His eyes.   The other side of free will is consequence.  We will reap what we sow and it comes down to choosing Christ first in all things.  No one can make us read and understand the road map we’ve been given in His word.   But if we do seek the Wisdom of God that it contains He will faithfully, and miraculously really, open our spiritual eyes and give understanding.  Because he gives gifts and doesn’t take them back He will also allow to “Go Your Own Way,” and many do.

Daniel when called to interpret dreams for the king,  was neither dumbfounded nor speechless.   He boldly spoke the right words as given by God directly to him through His spirit.  We should not be void of what to say whether on our platforms or the streets.  Who knows why but the God of all Creation has chosen to speak ordinary and simple folk.  We too are seers and prophets but need to re-discover what that means.  We need less style and personality and more humility and confidence in God.   We need to believe that He is still at work in this way.  And if He uses us at all, a good attitude to adopt is that of Balaam’s ass; absolutely astonished and still a donkey!  

Are you inspired to live and create?  Are you well inside?   Do you need help?  Welcome to the party!  To the degree we can walk with God intimately and maintain spiritual and physical wellness we can live and create healthily.  Reflecting a Glorious God.    It is possible to become who and what we are made to be!  It’s not hocus pocus magic, but a work done only By His Spirit.  Takes years to make our messes and hence time to fix them.  If we are choosing every day to pursue our own desires void of His Spirit then we can’t honestly expect to be absolved of consequences. Worship in spirit and truth starts with honesty, if we are honest about our condition then there’s hope for restoration and revival in our hearts then the world!

The future is not a fantasy; God holds it firmly and has a plan for good and not for evil.  The question is, will we receive His outstanding gifts, surrender our talents and ambitions, and follow Him-having counted the cost and taken up our own crosses?  Not everyone wants to do it this way, but for those that will, life and creativity make much more sense!  

Be more than just a good Songwriter.  Be yielded in the hands of your Creator first and He may astound you with what He does in and through you.


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