La Bella Vita!

Bella Vita

Life is beautiful!  Haven’t always thought so, but in my deepest self I know it’s true.   Just read a blog from our sweet Caitlin Ruff (18) who’s spending a year of her life in China to work with orphans.  She spoke of finding God in the journey of mundane life.  Last night we visited with friends to celebrate the life of our dear friend Nancy D. whom we lost to this world just months ago, it was her birthday earlier in the week.  We’re still in shock she’s gone, rejoice over where she is, and mourn for Mike as he’s facing every day without her.  Just returned from India with fresh images in my mind of kids with babies on their hips begging in filthy streets.  To the point of being pests they persist and tug on you, yet we know they are put up to it by others whom they report back with the money, who then decide who gets food based how much they’ve made.  Some are deformed and missing limbs simply because it makes them a better more convincing beggar.   
Hard to see the beauty in everything, some of life is just not beautiful to see.  Most of it is not grandiose or spectacular.  Yet it’s given to us to steward, experience, and enjoy.  What I marvel in today is that I’m at home with my wife and best friend and our k-9 kids; enjoying the sun, yard, house, and peace together.   It’s a gift every day and not one I take for granted.  I also think of our family back home that we see far too seldom.  Life is flying by, everyday they engage in it another day and we scarcely know about it as we’re so far away.  Though we know we’re where we need to be to do what God has put in our hearts to do, we miss them and realize we’re missing a lot of their daily lives.  Still, they’re a gift every day!
So today, I’m happy that I can say “La Bella Vita,” “The Beautiful Life” is  mine!   God is gracious to grant every breath and when they’re all done- to take us on an even more glorious adventurous journey!

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