Catch up

It’s been a busy travel season and I’m home for a while now.  Our latest trip was to S. Africa with a team of 28 staffers/leaders from Revive.  It is always an honor to be with them anywhere!   Our team helped run the annual YFC Youth week with kids from all over S. Africa region, what an amazing experience it was.  As always we come away being very blessed and inspired.

So now it’s catch up time at home!  We are in another unique season, don’t know exactly what it means or will look like but we feel it.  Patty is working hard on Revive 2011 which will be here fast.  I’m detoxing a bit from the numerous trips across time zones and date lines, it always takes a while to readjust for me.

Much love and a very Happy New Year to all of you!


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