Cold Snowy Day

Lovely here in Nashvegas today, snow on the ground and cold!  And…………It’s my Anniversary, 2nd to be exact.  The 2nd time I married the same wonderful woman!

Here’s what my lovely Patty Lane posted today, thought it may encourage you too!

“On this date, I married the most amazing man, Tom Lane, for the second time!
As our pastor married us with some of our closest friends gathered, he said these words I will never forget “The Lord does His best work in graveyards….He resurrects the dead. It’s what He does.
Our marriage was deader than dead…I mean REALLY DEAD as some of our closest friends can verify…but He did a miracle in our hearts through our decision to finally surrender and through what we fondly call the “blessed blunder” of our dearest friend Nancy Demus.
(the blunder is another story that I won’t go into but I believe Nance is smiling from heaven right now!)
I write this to give hope to anyone (married or single) that feels numb…that feels dead. He can give you a new life…He can give you a new heart. He will give you back what you have lost to the locusts. Remember…He does His best work in graveyards.
I thank Jesus for rescuing messy people like me….He gets all the glory! I thank our dear friends and family who never gave up hope and fought on their knees for our marriage!  Thank you Pastor Jim for speaking such incredible words at our ceremony.  We repeat them all the time to people who have no hope.
I love you Tom Lane…Happy Anniversary, babe! You are a treasure to me.  (guess you’re stuck with me now…hee hee)”

Incredibly thankful for all that God has done in our lives and marriage-Love you too Patty Lane!

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