Chennai has been great, just very warm!   There were 12,000 people at the concert along with a myriad of flying insects and dragon flies big enough to cart you off to heaven.  We played for 2 and half hours and that was after departing from the hotel in Bangalore at 5:15am, flying to Chennai, 3 hour sound check due to problems and a few changes of clothes.  All of it worth it, the India people are very humble and sweet and have been very hospitable to us.

Tomorrow Rob, our bass player and Leann will arrive in Dubai and be with us the rest of the tour thankfully.  We’ve missed them for certain.  Don and I have been doing the Everly Brothers version of all his songs on vocals.  The band are a great crew and get along wonderfully well.

Trying to keep on an exercise routine, was amazed I didn’t fall of the tread mill after running a 1/2 hour.

It’s interesting the contrast of 5star hotels (for which we are very blessed and thankful to be staying in!) and the poverty right outside the gate.  I’m learning a lot I’ve never known about this culture and it’s diversity, some very educated and intelligent people here.  Met a new friend in a quaint little collectors shop, one of the oldest in India on the main street in Chennai (Madras.)  He’s a Dentist and was covering the shop for his father.  A Muslim and brilliant man, we had a long chat about the world, Indians, Americans, Music, etc.  I learned much from him I must say!

Today is a day off so I’m catching up and enjoying the down time.  Missing home and all the ones I love!


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