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Cold Snowy Day

Lovely here in Nashvegas today, snow on the ground and cold!  And…………It’s my Anniversary, 2nd to be exact.  The 2nd time I married the same wonderful woman! Here’s what my lovely Patty Lane posted today, thought it may encourage you too! “On this date, I married the most amazing man, Tom Lane, for the second […]

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Catch up

It’s been a busy travel season and I’m home for a while now.  Our latest trip was to S. Africa with a team of 28 staffers/leaders from Revive.  It is always an honor to be with them anywhere!   Our team helped run the annual YFC Youth week with kids from all over S. Africa […]

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La Bella Vita!

Bella Vita Life is beautiful!  Haven’t always thought so, but in my deepest self I know it’s true.   Just read a blog from our sweet Caitlin Ruff (18) who’s spending a year of her life in China to work with orphans.  She spoke of finding God in the journey of mundane life.  Last night […]

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Headed Home!

This tour has been quite the adventure and is almost over.  We begin the trek home tomorrow from Oman, via Dubai-Atlanta-Home!  We’ve met some wonderful people in India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Oman and again realize how blessed we are to do what we get to do.  What we take for granted on many levels is […]

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Chennai-Dubai-Sri Lanka-Shillong

Been quite a road the past few weeks.  Our full band finally arrived by the Dubai concert after much hassle and confusion with visas, etc.  It turned out to be one of the best concerts and events in general.  A King of one of the 7 Emirates States died the day we arrived and the […]

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Chennai has been great, just very warm!   There were 12,000 people at the concert along with a myriad of flying insects and dragon flies big enough to cart you off to heaven.  We played for 2 and half hours and that was after departing from the hotel in Bangalore at 5:15am, flying to Chennai, […]

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