Revive South Africa

December 26, 2009 – January 10, 2010

We are taking 25 of our Revive staff to Magaliesburg, South Africa to serve as staff for a YFC camp led by our dear friend- Rolf Weichardt.  800 kids are coming from all over South Africa- from very diverse and challenged regions.   Many of them live lives that are hard for me as an American to even begin to understand, dealing with AIDS, poverty, war, and much more as a normal part of their world.  Though we’ll lead in worship, train, and teach the primary role will be to get to know and love these kids and help them understand Who God is and what He has made them to do in life!  
This is also a great opportunity for our extremely gifted and talented staff to be missional and grow as leaders.   Revive! is about reaching youth and young people with the truth we know will change the course of their lives and helping them mature as Christians in order to fulfill the calling of Jesus to GO into all the world.   These young leaders already understand missions as a way of life in their own back yards and around the Globe.  We are greatly inspired by them and feel honored they’d follow us across the planet to serve!  
Please pray with us as we take on this trip and lead the team.  Each of these college age staffers are raising their funds just as we are so it’s a big step for all!