Chennai-Dubai-Sri Lanka-Shillong

Been quite a road the past few weeks.  Our full band finally arrived by the Dubai concert after much hassle and confusion with visas, etc.  It turned out to be one of the best concerts and events in general.  A King of one of the 7 Emirates States died the day we arrived and the gov’t cancelled most all events but for some reason let ours go on.  We had real favor there which is a miracle itself.  It’s is an unbelievable place, not like anywhere I’ve been.  They tout having the biggest and best of everything and I guess they do, lot’s of $$$.  We went up the worlds tallest bld. the Burj Kalifa, Tom Cruise was filming that day for Mission Impossible 4.  The chopper was flying around the bld filming, we later heard Tom was swinging on the outside of it doing his own stunts.

We went on from Dubai to Sri Lanka and had a warm welcome including some great Tea.  The people have only lived in freedom from war for one year now, this was a first of a kind worship event there.  Went out one night for some Sri Lankan Curry which they say is hotter than most-it was!-and very good.  After a few days there we began a 12 hour trek to Shillong India via 3 flights (all chaotic) and a 4 hour bus ride up into the mountains.  It was one of the hardest days of travel ever for all of us!

We’re in Shillong now still.  The first day we had seminars, concert the next and today was the first of 3 days off which we all are excited about.  Most have gotten sick, I have a bit of a cold now too.  Leann was unable to come to India with us due to visa problems so she couldn’t come.  Just found out she’s sick and went home today instead of joining us in Mumbai in a few days.   Shillong has a rich heritage of faith, 80% are Christians.  Though it’s India it’s really another country almost, with more chinese and mongolian influence than Indian.  We not all that far from Nepal, China, and Bangladesh.  It’s also a Hindu holiday so there have been non stop fireworks to sleep to.  They were going off during the entire concert also.  There must be no restrictions whatsoever because everyone everywhere were involved, a wonder the town’s not on fire.

I’m ready to be home, it’s been a long trip.  We go to Mumbai the 10th, back to Dubai the 14th-most will go straight home to the US then but a few of us will go to Oman for 2 more days then home.  I’ve a feeling Mumbai will be an unforgettable experience from all I hear.  22 million people there.

OK, I’m sippin a tea by a fire in my room nursing a cold-more news soon.

Some live footage!




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