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Day 2

Got to rest a bit today, ate some great food, wrote some, and even exercised!   Tomorrow starts a pretty non stop schedule, we have  a concert then fly out on Sunday for Chennai.  So far the weather is good, warm but not too humid and evenings are nice.  


We arrived safely in Bangalore!   We got off to a different start than anticipated and planned but it was a blessing, got to be home an extra night with my lovely wife and dogs.  So we flew through Paris instead of Dubai and hopped another long 9.5hr flight to Bangalore.  Got in at 1am…

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Passion and Greatness

Passion And Greatness  Article by:  Tom Lane Passion and greatness are inspiring and people are drawn to both.   As a ship is steered by a rudder, we are certainly steered by passion.    “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  (Matt. 6:21) Greatness isn’t an absolute and is relative to the standard…

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Life Is Good!

Beautiful Saturday at home, feelin like fall finally!



It’s a cold Saturday morning and I’m glad to be home!  Traveling is grand but there’s no place I’d rather be than here.  The dogs are a handful but our joy, the house is small but we absolutely love it.   We are blessed! Patty and I still marvel at the second chance we’ve been…

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Don Moen Europe/Africa Tour Dates

Nov. 27 – Leave home for UK Nov. 28 – London, England Nov. 29 – Tilburg, Netherlands  Nov. 30 –Netherlands  Dec. 1 – London Dec. 2 – London Dec. 3 – Lagos, Nigeria Dec. 4 – Lagos Dec. 5 – South Africa Dec. 6 – South Africa Dec. 7 & 8 – South Africa Dec….

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