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Kingdom Bound 25th Anniversary

KB All Star Band RehearsalTony Hooper, Tony Morra, Will McFarlane, Rick Cua, Emedin Rivera, Tom Lane, Phil Keaggy, Margaret Becker, Morgan Cryar Rick Cua, Will McFarlane, Phil Keaggy, Tom Lane


Amazing to me how God has used young people throughout history to do big and significant things.  All of them flawed, messy, and completely human.  He’s never stopped using them and we can count on them being used even more in days to come.  We have decided, if Jesus gave a command in Matthew to…

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Do Not Fear!

Interesting time we are living in.  For us and many we know just in our city, the economy challenges have forced reevaluation of all we do and how we do it.  Though difficult and even painful it does help bring eternity in better focus for sure.  We are here for a short while, this isn’t…

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