Amazing to me how God has used young people throughout history to do big and significant things.  All of them flawed, messy, and completely human.  He’s never stopped using them and we can count on them being used even more in days to come.  We have decided, if Jesus gave a command in Matthew to go to the world, that’s all the permission needed and we aim to tell young people they can and should do what God puts in them to do!

Listen to this from Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM, may it inspire you too!

Indonesia ’09

Have just returned from tour with Don Moen in Indonesia.  This trip we visited Jakarta, Surabaya, and Batam, an island just across from Singapore.   It is my second time there and I found the Indonesians as incredibly hospitable and wonderful as before. 

In a predominately Muslim culture the Christians are a vital and committed minority.  We were there during Ramadan.  Even from my hotel room I could hear the overwhelmingly loud and unforgettable cries of the callers.  Not my first time to hear them but the most impressionable for sure.  
It brought to my mind the importance of the prayers of the saints who worship Jesus, the hope and light of the world!   If we prayed as much as we talked we’d likely see even greater impact in our world.  If we trusted God to reveal Himself to all mankind as only He can, we may be more motivated to spend our time loving others than sizing up and judging.  Which is sometimes the first response to something radically different than we’re used too.  
We will increasingly stand out by avowing faith in One True God through Jesus, even deemed fanatical and narrow minded.  Our responses are the best opportunity for a testimony to true found hope.  We’ll be known more by love than outspoken criticism of things we don’t agree with or understand.  Though there’s a time to speak up I honestly believe we are in a time where we would do far better to close our mouths and simply live out what we say we believe and let the proof be in our action.  
It is easy to criticize and judge and that spirit accomplishes very little good for the sake of God’s Name.  What translates in any culture is Love in spite of all.   While I listened to the sound of the callers calling literally millions to prayer, I was convicted to pray that Christians everywhere would rise up and pray for our world with more compassion and mercy as The Lord Himself does without fail.  
So this is both a personal confession of my own need to pray first and leave judgement to the real Judge, and also a call to all who know Jesus to pray that God be revealed to our fellow humanity in these years.  
May we attest to truth by earning a right to speak up and when given the opportunity, do so with saltiness and light-for our words are truly powerful!